Truly 6 Sided!


Six-sided shooting offers 66% MORE shooting surface than 2-sided targets and 33% MORE than 4-sided targets! Hips X2 Targets unique heat welding process has no need for plastic or metal strapping around the target. Eliminate the need to buy a field point target and a broadhead target. Any of the Hips X2 Target models can be shot using field tips or broadheads – including expandable broadheads.

Endurance Foam


Hips' exclusive Endurance Foam was formulated and developed specifically for use in archery targets. Endurance Foam isn't a result of repurposed technology and it is NOT made of scrap or inferior material, as you find with other targets on the market. Hips' Endurance Foam combines enhanced stopping power with self-healing properties that makes arrow removal easy for both broadheads and field points.

Broadhead Strong

We take 2-inch thick layers of variable density Endurance Foam and fuse them together with an advanced heat-welding process vertically, not horizontally, into a single target. This process provides superb stopping power for today's high-speed compound bows. Our unique heat-welding ensures there is friction on all sides of the arrow, not just two sides as found in the thin horizontally "sandwiched" layers of many competitors' targets.

Feather Light


As a direct result of our specially formulated Endurance Foam, all Hips Archery Targets are a fraction of the weight of archery targets on the market. This means the Hips Archery Targets are not only more durable and longer lasting, but also very lightweight and mobile. Hips X2 Archery Targets can be carried with complete ease and are manageable for nearly anyone in the family.

Micro diameter shafts and bolts are designed for deeper penetration, and as such, will penetrate any target deeper than standard diameter shafts and bolts.


Hips Quality Since 1968

darrin_birdStarting in 1968, Hips Archery Targets pioneered the original design for an archery target capable of stopping both broadheads and field points. By using a heat welding process to layer varying densities of foam we created a product that is both tough and light-weight. With innovative designs such as 6-sided shootability and replaceable cores the Hips target line is sure to have a product that meets the needs of any archer. Our products can be found on the sporting fields of international archery competitions as well as the backyards and hunting camps of bowhunters around the globe.

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